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Face the Nation

Canada Goose online JOHN DICKERSON: And we’re back with Nebraska Republican Senator canada goose coats Ben canadian goose jacket Sasse. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Online SEN. BEN SASSE: There’s a lot that’s going on that’s acute the last two years, but I think what we’re really struggling with is decades in the coming. We’re living through a digital revolution which is undermining place. I think the biggest problem in America right now is loneliness. And the good news is it’s fixable, but it requires friendship. It requires more attention to place and family and shared vocation and work and neighborhood and worshipping communities. Canada Goose Online

canada goose uk black friday JOHN DICKERSON: Help people understand what you mean by place. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose sale SEN. BEN SASSE: Yeah. So you know where you live, is where you actually love and communities of love are the center of what really keeps people happy. There’s a ton of literature now that shows we’re the richest people in the history of humanity. And yet we’re some of the most dissatisfied people in the history humanity. How do you make sense of that? And it didn’t start two years ago. It starts because the digital revolution is really undermining that sense of local community and neighborhood. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance JOHN DICKERSON: Because we’re all just looking into our phones and we’re by ourselves and then suddenly the sun’s gone down and the day’s over. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets SEN. SASSE: That’s canada goose clearance a huge part of it. It turns out if you go from 200 to 500 social media friends or 500 to www.canada-goose-outlet.biz 1000. You don’t get happier. But if you know the neighbor who lives two doors away canada goose coats on sale from you, statistically you’re more likely to be happy. We need to attend to those kind of things. It’s a big deal. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale JOHN DICKERSON: I want to get to Canada Goose online solutions canada goose outlet in a minute, but let’s stick with the diagnosis for a moment. You are in fact able cheap Canada Goose to make this case because you’re a politician and Canada Goose Parka so what I want to ask you about is the power of example in politics. There is no Canada Goose Jackets more famous person probably in America than the president. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk outlet SEN. SASSE: True. canada goose uk outlet

JOHN DICKERSON: How is it not about politics if you have been very critical of this president saying he is driving some of these divisions. If these divisions wouldn’t it be very powerful if somebody in a public role like the president or senators, behaved and modeled the behavior you’re talking about in this book that you should see at church or at the little league ball field.

uk canada goose SEN. SASSE: Sure. I think that’s true. I mean the president and I wrestle on a whole bunch of issues. I there are things we agree on, things we disagree on. But I don’t think most of what Americans are wrestling with is a problem that’s two years old. I think we’ve had a halving of friendship in America in the last 27 years. It’s a stunning thing. You know nomadic tribes, agrarian history, industrial economics people have always known their neighbors and known their co workers. Decreasingly we don’t know those things. We’ve gone from three and a half friends per American twenty seven years ago to about one point eight friends today. President Trump can’t fix this. He didn’t cause this. Politics can’t fix this. Politics didn’t cause this, but it’s true that our political tribalism is filling that vacuum, that loneliness that’s coming from all these other institutions. We have a decline of the nuclear family structure a lot the last 25 years and politics is a place people look to try to find meaning in the absence of these other communities that actually can make you happy. uk canada goose

canada goose clearance sale JOHN DICKERSON: That’s right. That’s why I wondered if that’s where people are going. People are addicted to what they’re seeing on the news and we all experience that. Those of us who report or live in this world. Wouldn’t it be if you had examples, for example after this Kavanaugh fight if a Democrat had said, “You know I understand what my Republican colleague was Canada Goose Outlet how passionate they got in defense of this person who was wrongly accused.” Or if a Republican had said instead of calling them evil, had taught people through the power of their example since everybody’s watching anyway taught people through the power of their example of what it looks like to forgive the other side? We just don’t see that. canada goose clearance sale

SEN. SASSE: Yeah I you’re right. I mean the Senate should be an institution of 100 people who get sent from their communities where they really are from and want to return to. And they go and have to build relationships and build a temporary community in the Senate of people who actually listen to one another. We don’t do that very much right now because cable TV news has swallowed the Senate whole. Right now, we live this sort of frenzied media circus that’s not to beat up on the media, that’s to beat up on the Senate canada goose deals as a place that people are more thinking about those distant tribes and the things we’re screaming at each other against, rather than the things we should be for together. You should be for the place buy canada goose jacket where you’re from, the neighborhood in the city or the small town farming community where I’m from. But when you’re temporarily thrown together in a new community the Senate should be a place that actually does some empathy and we’re buy canada goose jacket cheap pretty crappy at that right now.

canada goose JOHN DICKERSON: Yeah. Well you’ll have a chance to talk about this on the other side of the commercial. We’ll do solutions. So let’s focus a little bit on the solutions. People know that that we are at this pitched moment. So what do we do to fix it? canada goose

SEN. SASSE: Well one of the things we have to do is rediscover plural vocations, right? Work is statistically one of the most significant drivers of whether or not people are happy. And part of that’s because we like to do stuff together. We like to have shared projects. I was born in the 1970s average duration at a firm was two and a half decades for a primary breadwinner. Average duration at a firm today for an American is four point two years and getting shorter.

canada goose factory sale JOHN DICKERSON: So what does that mean? Everybody knows what looking for work Canada Goose sale looks like. But what does that mean in terms of policy change even at the very local level? canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Parka SEN. SASSE: Yes, so I I think most of this is going to be about recognizing that when you’re 35 and 40 and 45 and 50, you’re going to get disintermediated out of, not just your job, but probably your firm in your industry. We’ve never prepared to become a people that are lifelong learners. That has huge policy implications. I don’t think politics are the canada goose store main thing. I don’t think they’re the first thing, but obviously rethinking job retraining for the Age of Disruption. McKinsey, a company that I used to work for, says that 50 percent of Americans are going to be primarily freelancers in three years. We’re not at all prepared for that. Canada Goose Parka


SEN. SASSE: It has huge downstream implications for shared work together.

cheap Canada Goose JOHN DICKERSON: But in this is where politics gets in it too, because you have a politician saying your job is not going away. I’m going to protect it. You’re not going to have to re learn. And and so that comes back brings me back to politics again sending the wrong messages from what you want to say. cheap Canada Goose

cheap canada goose uk SEN. SASSE: Yeah, that’s just not canada goose black friday sale true, right. So, so much of what we fight about in Washington is right versus left and a lot more of our policy should be past versus future. There aren’t going to be lifelong jobs anymore and we shouldn’t be lying to the American people about it. We should be thinking about what does it look like to help people get back to work, back to meaningful employment, back to shared labor with their neighbors when they’re 35 and 40 and 45. We can’t say, “I politician am going to protect your jobs forever.” Because it’s not true cheap canada goose uk.

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